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At Tuxedos By Lee, we have over 3,000 tuxedo’s in stock featuring over 80 different colors and styles. Our warehouse is right here in Utah so if you need last minute orders or updates to your existing order, we can accommodate that.

Tuxedos by Lee has the largest and most modern inventory featuring new styles, colors and trends. Since we carry our inventory locally, you can try on the tuxedo you will be wearing at your event to make sure you have the right fit, unlike competitors who size you and order your tux from an out of town remote location.

For the largest selection of local, fresh, and modern tuxedos, contact Tuxedos by Lee to book your appointment and reserve your tuxedo today.
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whychooseBe Wise Choosing Your Tuxedo

Not all tuxedo rentals are created equal. At Tuxedos By Lee, we understand the importance of looking great for your event. We have Utah’s largest local inventory of high quality tuxedos ready to rent today or for an upcoming event in the future. No group is too large or too small. No size is too big or too small. We have over 80 colors and styles and can definitely get you a great looking, well fitting tuxedo and a great price.
Tuxedos By Lee uses a vigorous 13-point inspection on every tuxedo after every rental. The last thing you want is to find you have a missing button, stained collar, or items left in the pocket from a previous rental. Unfortunately this type of thing happens far too often with many rental companies who take your order locally and then have your tuxedo shipped in from out of state.
Tuxedos By Lee, performs a thorough cleaning of every tuxedo followed by a full 13-point inspection checking every zipper, button, collar and pocket of every shirt, jacket, pants, vest and tie. Damaged or stained items are removed from the inventory. This insures that you get a perfect rental every time.
One of the challenges with many tuxedo rentals is that you often get a tux that is five, seven, or even ten or more years old. Tuxedos By Lee retires tuxedos faster and are constantly replacing old inventory with new modern styles. We also pride ourselves on feature quality designer materials providing you with a first class look on every rental.
Call us or fill out the form on the right so we can answer any question you have about your tuxedo rental.